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Artist Statement

As a Latina, I search for themes that express my heritage.  My portrait series of young Latinos with a blackbird was a breakthrough for me. I used the bird as a symbol, a spirit guide to help the young people find themselves and succeed.


While painting this series of portraits I became aware of how much I savor the intimacy of getting to know the sitter's face.  I get in touch with aspects of myself as I capture the likeness and the spirit of the person.  It is like meditating with someone who is not present yet so real at the same time. These are reasons why I love portrait painting.


I studied with Cornelia Foss at the Art Student's League.  In class, she had just the right comment to help me when I was struggling. And if she saw me hesitate, she was not beyond taking the brush from my hand and showing me what she meant. I liked her teaching style and I benefited immensely from her guidance.


I paint portraits from photographs because of the time element, but I also attend live portrait classes to sharpen my skills.

Among famous American artists, I admire the work of Jacob Lawrence. Some of his compositions make my heart stop.  He used shape like nobody else.  I also like Richard Diebenkorn and Fairfield Porter, both masters of form and composition. Their work inspires me.


Within the discipline of figurative painting, I strive to get better and discover as much as I can about my craft.  I keep in mind Cornelia's mantra as I am starting a painting: "this is going to be my most beautiful painting".  


Doing my best work is often a struggle, but it is also joyful. I haven't figured it all out, but life is a journey and I am still hiking along.   





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